Great ways to learn about Catholic Social Teaching online, with activities for groups and individuals and background reading resources included.

JustFaith Program. Without a doubt, the best adult faith formation programs in the Catholic social teaching world, combining prayer, reflection, education, and service. A wide range of offerings, from eight-week modules on specific topics to a 24-week introduction to Catholic social teaching. Contact Mike Jordan Laskey to bring it to your parish.

PowerPoint presentation intro to Catholic Social Teaching. From the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul, this website includes educational resources, highlighted by a PowerPoint presentation you can download and use.

Consistent Life: Voices for Peace and Life. Great newsletter highlighting developments in a wide range of life & justice issues.

USCCB’s Respect Life ProgramOnline resources of the USCCB’s popular Respect Life Program.

Answers to 25 Questions about Catholic Social Teaching. More from Minneapolis/St. Paul, this page also includes a CST Reading List and links to great documents for background reading.

Global Rich List. Enter a yearly salary. See where that ranks worldwide. Great perspective-grower on poverty and inequality around the world.

Catholic Social Teaching Quotes. Arranged by theme, these quotes from popes, bishops, and other theologians are great for bulletin blurbs or for helping to explain CST principles.

Catholic Relief Services Education. Mainly for youth and young adults, this is a treasure trove of activities broken down by topic, all connected to issues of justice around the world.

Ending Poverty in Community: A Toolkit for Young Advocates.
This six-session curriculum is a great way to get high school classes or youth ministries to learn about Catholic social teaching, identify problems in their community, and plan a response together.

Play Spent. A choose-your-own-adventure style simulation: you’re living in poverty, and need to try to get yourself out of it. See how tough the choices are.

Tour Poverty, USA. A video from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, a great video resource, introducing how hard it is to live near the poverty line.


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