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Top Five Life & Justice Resolutions for 2013

I loved Fr. Jim Martin’s “Top 5 for 2013 — Easy Things for a Happier Year.” His recommendations would definitely be good for me, and I plan to try them.

In addition to comforting us, nurturing us, and providing happiness, our faith also challenges. So, to go with Fr. Jim’s Top Five, here are five ways I hope to let my faith challenge me in 2013.

  1. Pray with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

This aphorism is often misattributed to Swiss theologian Karl Barth, but it’s a good one nevertheless. My wife gave me a subscription to the Sunday paper for Christmas, and I resolve to pray with it this year (and not just nibble on the crossword).

There are so many stories that demand a prayerful response, of course, but just as important is the moral obligation to be informed. Learning about injustice will improve my prayer and action for justice.

(The first half of the saying is important, too, since I could benefit from some more time with Scripture. Reading the Sunday readings before heading to Mass could be a good start there.)

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