Community agencies and organizations that provide opportunities for service in Camden County:

Cathedral Kitchen. The mission of the Cathedral Kitchen is to provide essential life services that support the health and well being of those in our community and, in doing so, to affirm each person’s humanity and dignity while guiding them towards self sufficiency. Begun by volunteers in 1976, Cathedral Kitchen has always relied upon volunteer help to make their meal program work. Over 3,500 volunteer slots are filled each year to serve the meal, saving them many thousands of dollars in staffing costs. Volunteers perform other roles as well, picking up and delivering donated food or helping in the office.
City/Town: Camden

New Visions Day Shelter. New Visions is a day service center that meets the needs of basic human dignity for all homeless and at-risk patrons. Providing a place of shelter and warmth, it is the only center in Camden that serves men as well as women and children (during non-school hours). The shelter provides breakfast and lunch, shower and laundry facilities, a food pantry, a clothing closet, mail services, and assistance to patrons in finding jobs.
City/Town: Camden
Phone: 856.963.0857

Romero Center Ministries. An urban retreat and Catholic social justice education center located in the heart of East Camden, Romero  Center Ministries offers service-immersion and social justice education overnight experiences for high school and college groups, in addition to service and community-building opportunities for adults in their 20s and 30s.
City/Town: Camden
Phone: 856.964.9777

Food Bank of South Jersey. The Food Bank of South Jersey exists to provide an immediate solution to the urgent problem of hunger by providing food to needy people, teaching them to eat nutritiously, and helping them to find sustainable ways to improve their lives. Opportunities for groups and individuals (age 13 and up) include helping to sort donated food.
City/Town: Pennsauken
Phone: 856.662.4884

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