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Christmas Reflection and Prayer: The Weak Power of God

One of my favorite teachers liked to say that if he were the Son of God, he wouldn’t have come to Earth the way Jesus did. Instead, he’d wear a “Son of God” sash and ride on an enormous float in the Rose Parade, zapping people he didn’t like. This description has always reminded me of this clip from the movie “Bruce Almighty”:

Bruce thinks it’s no use being all-powerful if you don’t take advantage of the perks. But God’s ways are not our ways.

My teacher was making a point about the nature of God’s power. Sometimes, we pray as if God is like Bruce in the clip: a sort of cosmic puppet master who snaps his fingers and makes things happen. We want God to take the illness away, to spin the hurricane out to sea, to freeze the gunman’s feet to the ground as he approaches the school.

Certainly miracles happen. But most of the time, God uses his power in a different, less flashy way. Christmas is the perfect example of the “weak power” of God.

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