Why “The Ampersand”?

Life and Justice Logo w sans serif text

Here in the Diocese of Camden, there is no Respect Life Office. There is no Justice and Peace Office. Instead, we have what we’re calling “Life & Justice Ministries.”

The ampersand — & — in the title is the most important part: it unites our efforts on behalf of human life and social justice. They are impossible to separate. We are called to protecting human life and dignity from the moment of conception onward, all the way to natural death, including every moment in between.

This consistent, comprehensive, both-and, Catholic approach gave the blog its name and our logo its shape.

As Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York said, The Ampersand means we are called to care for the “uns”: the un-employed; the un-insured; the un-wanted; the un-wed mother, and her innocent, fragile un-born baby in her womb; the un-documented; the un-housed; the un-healthy; the un-fed; the under-educated.

One comment

  1. pjw

    I commend your reasoning and stand! May God grant you grace, energy, direction, resources, and perseverance as you are his mouth, ears, hands, and feet.

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