Experience a Powerful Good Friday Tradition: Living Stations of the Cross Through the Streets of East Camden

Perdona a tu puebloSeñor. Perdona a tu pueblo, perdónaleSeñor.

Hundreds of us sing this refrain, over and over, as we process through the streets of East Camden on Good Friday.

We stop 14 times along the way, and parishioners from St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral act out each Station of the Cross.

Living Stations at Camden's Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Living Stations at Camden’s Our Lady of Mount Carmel

We pray in Spanish and English for those who are suffering, especially in the city — those who connect with the Passion of Christ too well.

We pass houses that look like they’re abandoned, and then see faces of children gather at second-floor windows, watching us walk by.

Forgive your people, O Lord.

Traveling on foot through a city that lives passion and death everyday, with people who are praying and working for resurrection, Good Friday makes more sense than it ever has.

Join in this powerful tradition this year: 

Friday, March 29, 12:00 pm

St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral

2907 Federal Street

Camden, NJ

Other parishes in the city, including Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Sacred Heart, and St. Anthony of Padua, host similar processions.


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