Missing St. Patrick’s Day? Listen to Bishop Sullivan Sing a Beautiful Irish Folk Song

Bishop Sullivan’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day — not bad for an Irish-American bishop! We threw him a little céilí last week at the Pastoral Center before he headed up to NYC to celebrate Mass kicking off the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

An Irish folk musician came to the party, and before long Bishop Sullivan was up at the front of the room, leading the 40 or 50 of us in “Wild Mountain Thyme.” I was a few seconds late with the camera and shot it vertically instead of horizontally (which explains the black bars on either side of the video), but Bishop’s strong voice comes through loud and clear. It was a great moment.

This post misses St. Paddy’s by a few days, but it’s good to be Irish all year round. And I’ll hope it serves as a blessing on the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish basketball teams, set to take the court in the NCAA men’s and women’s tournaments this weekend. (The men’s team, at least, needs all the grace it can get if we hope to avoid a first-round loss.)

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