All-Immigration Wednesday Round-Up

When a bipartisan group of eight senators announced a framework for comprehensive immigration reform on Monday, and President Obama echoed the call at a Las Vegas speech Tuesday, it became clear that there is more political will to fix our broken immigration system than there has been in years.

Comprehensive immigration reform has been among the US Bishops’ top justice priorities for years. Here are five resources for education, prayer and action. Now is the time.

1) USCCB Chair Calls Senate Immigration Framework Important First Step, Seeks Bipartisan Cooperation For Just, Humane Legislation

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles responded to the Senate group’s announcement with this press release, which welcomes many of the framework’s provisions while calling for some additions.

“It is vital that the framework includes a path to citizenship, so that undocumented immigrants can come out of the shadows and into the light and have a chance to become Americans,” Archbishop Gomez said. “It gives hope to millions of our fellow human beings.”

2) Top 3 Myths About Immigration

An economist from Suffolk University debunks three prevalent myths about the negative economic impact of immigration.

3) One Border, One Body: Immigration and the Eucharist

Fr. Dan Groody, CSC, is one of the nation’s leaders in the theology of migration. This lecture explores the theological basis for the Church’s strong position on immigration reform. One of my favorite points of his is that God himself made a migration of sorts when he entered humanity as Jesus Christ.

4) Prayer Service for Immigrants from Latin America: “We are together on the journey, Estamos juntos en el camino”

This service from Catholic Relief Services includes some powerful prayers for those on the move, including this one:

Dear Jesus, our journey through life is long and hard.

We cannot make this trip alone; we must walk together

on the journey. You promised to send us a helper, your

Spirit. Help us to see your Spirit in those you send to

journey with us.

In the refugee family, seeking safety from violence,

Let us see your Spirit.

In the migrant worker, bringing food to our tables,

Let us see your Spirit.

In the asylum-seeker, seeking justice for himself and

his family, Let us see your Spirit.

In the unaccompanied child, traveling in a dangerous

world, Let us see your Spirit.

Teach us to recognize that as we walk with each other,

You are present. Teach us to welcome not only the

strangers in our midst but the gifts they bring as well:

the invitation to conversion, communion, and solidarity.

This is the help you have sent: we are not alone. We

are together on the journey, and for this we give you



5) Send an electronic postcard to your elected officials, urging just and humane immigration reform

The US Bishops urge Catholics to reach out to their elected leaders in Washington by sending a ePostcard. It’s extremely easy to do, and if enough folks send them, it could have a big impact on shaping reform legislation.


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